July 18, 2024

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This complaint is brought under the 1st Amendment of the United States Of America, grievance against the Government

The total MO ( Modus Operandi ) of the justice system in America. Keep the...

The total MO ( Modus Operandi ) of the justice system in America. Keep the courts out of reach of American citizens. When a citizen is arrested in America. The Government unconstitutionally will start a total smear campaign against the arrested citizen. 6th Amendment every American has a to face his or her accuser. NOT AFTER the accuser has had, sometimes for years of the government telling people how bad / guilty the accused is. Using the media to build its case of public opinion. The money lawyers charge is breathtakingly unconstitutional. The people with the most money win in court. Is that what lady justice stands for? Where in the Constitution does it say, that lawyers should be paid more than anybody in the nation. More Millionaires have been created by layers than any other business. They are supposed to be court officers. An American citizen standing trail making 7.25 an hour. Can not possibly pay $400.00 an hour. It is plain and simple EXTORTION. Lincoln had a 3rd grade education. Same Law, Same Constitution. A few years after Lincoln in 1878 the union known as the American Bar was established. Then the requirements were to be a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Police who enforce the law do not. Americans who obey law don’t. How could a lawyer charge $400.00 with a 3rd grade education. Your job is to support and protect the Constitution. The American soldier, sailor, an airmen stands an protect the American Constitution. What are the courts going to do? I am an American citizen with standing.

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